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We reduce the current high-cost specialty drug expenditures by managing and streamlining the biotech prescription process between the Patient, Physician, Specialty Pharmacy and Health Insurance Plan/PBM. Our systematical process ensures the patient’s biotech prescription is transmitted to the appropriate specialty pharmacy day one, which is usually dictated by the Health Insurance Plan or PBM.

PhyzData is a digital health company focused on patient engagement, brand access, data/analytics, and actionable insights in the biotech drug market. Through our focus, PhyzData utilizes its first to market Prescription Triage Network™ to manage and streamline the biotech prescription process among Physician, Patient, Specialty Pharmacy, Drug Manufacturer, and Health Insurance Plan. Our PTN™ solution enables Patient and Physician brand access, ensures the prescription is triaged to a mandated Specialty Pharmacy, and captures real-time unique data and analytics to drive informed business decisions.

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