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Delivering Value to our Strategic Partners

We are the pioneers of front-end prescription data, analytics, and research

Our customers benefit from our cutting-edge technology that offers real-time biotech data, analytics and research directly from the source—the Physician.

Investment Banking & Financial Services

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science company sales forecasts
  • Market trends
  • Research analysis
  • Market and industry validation
  • Competitive data reporting and research validation
  • Risk management and factors
  • Competition risk
  • Geography trends and opportunities

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

  • Physician trends
  • Save on waste and abuse of drug assist and co-pay cards
  • Increased compliance with first-line therapy
  • Real-time market trends
  • Real-time prescription data
  • State of the art data, analytics and research management system
  • Accelerated patient on-boarding
  • Market share calculations
  • Manufacturing demand forecasting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Competitive intel
  • Contract performance
  • Payer reimbursement data
  • Fill, refill, and abandonment rates

Health Insurance Organizations & PBM’s

  • Savings from not paying out-of-network claims
  • Physician trends
  • Ensure patients fill prescription at in-network pharmacies
  • Specialty pharmacy dispensing trends
  • Geographic drug trends
  • Cost containment
  • Physician prescribing trends and outcomes
  • Quality of care management

Specialty Pharmacies

  • Physician Collaboration 
  • Benefit Verification Solution 
  • Real-Time Visibility 
  • Prior Authorization Solution 
  • Test Claim Solution
  • Market research for expansion opportunities
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Geography Trends

Consumer Health & Consulting

  • Current, reliable, and accessible health information
  • Biotech consulting
  • Strategic analytics
  • Industry White Paper 
  • Government Relations

Wholesale Drug Distributors

  • Physician trends
  • Specialty Pharmacy volume trends
  • Fill rates, refill rates, and abandonment rates
  • Geographic trends
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market share analysis

Market Insights & Benefits

We believe that there is a significant need and demand for real-time biotech data, analytics, and research. Our solutions meet that demand and help provide insights into patient care, costs and outcomes, and sales and marketing.

Patient Care

  • Access to disease insights and cost
  • Patterns in disease states and response to treatment
  • Analyze fill, refill, and abandonment rates for specific biotech drugs and payers
  • Track non-compliance rates for specific drugs
  • View average date spans for onboarding of prescribed drug therapy
  • View pharmacy ratings on patient care and quality
  • Direct access to solutions specialists

Cost & Outcomes

  • Identify which promotions, coupons, and co-pay assist cards are working or being abused
  • Analyze volume trends of a certain biotech drug
  • Track compliance and cost savings associated with plan polices
  • Identify therapeutic treatment strategies, products, and companies that dominate the current landscape as well as potential areas of unmet needs
  • Gain greater knowledge of patient population and trends
  • Develop managed care contracting strategies based on local market dynamics and prescriber trends

Sales & Marketing

  • Identify on a real-time basis which biotech drugs are being prescribed by each provider and geographic area, to help develop marketing strategies
  • Enable our customers to use Physician prescribing patterns, market condition, and statistical techniques to identify which providers warrant attention
  • Gauge the influence and preference of PBM’s and take into consideration when developing marketing and sales strategies
  • Allow customers to identify which specialty pharmacies are filling the biotech prescription, which are excellent at patient care and satisfaction, and which are conducting a poor job on patient onboarding
  • Enable our customers to identify specialty pharmacy trends
  • Assist our customers with creating sales targets and compensation