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Our Formula for Biotech Success

Our formula is simple and precise with the utilization of our Prescription Triage Network™. PhyzData has created five integrated Solutions that streamline the biologic prescription process for the Physician, Patient, Specialty Pharmacy, Payer, and Drug Manufacturer. 

Our Patients have access to a personalized solution that gives them a simplified snapshot of their prescribed drug therapy, its approval process within the health insurance payer, and details on the Specialty Pharmacy that is filling the prescription. Our solutions ensure the patients prescription is triaged to an in-network pharmacy day one, which leads to: 

  • Lower out-of-pocket expense
  • Continuity of drug therapy
  • Quicker access to the drug therapy
  • Birds-eye view of your prescription process from Physician Office → Specialty Pharmacy →  Payer

Physicians within our PhyzNetwork enjoy the benefits of a one-stop-shop solution for all their specialty drug prescriptions. With direct access to their own prescription management solution, they receive the benefits of having all their specialty drug patients in one portal displaying real-time data and analytics on:

  • Prior authorization status and benefits verification
  • Time and date stamp on when a pharmacy received the Rx
  • Clinical notes
  • Rx fill dates for patient and pharmacy compliance
  • Refill alerts
  • Pharmacy ratings

Our PhyzSP solution is for Specialty Pharmacies who partner with us in providing an unparalleled service for patients and Physicians. This solution embodies an objective approach to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality of a pharmacy to the Physician. With direct access to thousands of Physicians across the US, our goal is to help our network of pharmacies collaborate at a higher level with our Physician network.

  • Prior authorization and benefit verification
  • Ratings program
  • Real-time portal access
  • Marketing and advertising

PhyzDataVault technology has the ability to capture and store unlimited amounts of prescription data and analytics in a real-time basis directly from the Prescriber. Our data and analytics solutions provide accurate insights into patient care, insurance costs versus outcomes, waste and abuse, competition, and sales and marketing.

  • Central access point for Rx collaboration
  • Integration of multiple data analytics and sources
  • Real-time data visibility

PhyzHub is designed as a centralized service platform that facilitates access, coverage, and patient support for the specialty product. With an emphasis on prior authorization, benefit verification, test claims, and patient support programs, PhyzHub’s services provide optimal prescription management on behalf of the drug manufacturer and payer.  

  • Prior Authorization fulfillment & Medical Necessity requirements
  • Prescription abandonment tracking
  • Full benefit verification
  • Flexibility/scalability to add services and SPs 
  • Monitoring of SP performance